Our Consulting Services

One to Ten Consulting

Want to redevelop your function? Contact us now!

  1. HR Personnel System Reformation
  2. Customer Service Reorganization
  3. Web Development Consulting
  4. SNS Communication Consulting
  5. Event Operation Consulting

Project Management

If you need the person who can drive these project, contact us.

  1. Turn Around Management
  2. Culture Change Management
  3. BPR / Process Management
  4. Office Relocation Management
  5. Strategic Event Management

What we do other than consulting?

Culture Creation Network

Culture Creation Network is focusing on the Social Contribution. We are now helping the apartment owner and providing those apartments to the  socially vulnerable people.

Cute Craft Network

Cute Craft Network is the curation site of cute craft from all over the world. http://cute-craft.com  Download iPhone Apps / Android Apps now !