Minimum cost, Go to great, in the shortest time frame.

Making it happen

We work on site, side-by-side with clients.

How we help clients:

1, Business Launch Consulting
-> If you are looking for the connection to Japan market, we can be the one. Our goal is your success in Japan.

2, One to Ten Consulting
->If you want the transformation from “0 -> 1” stage to the “1 -> 10” stage,  you might want to choose our  “1 -> 10” development consulting.
We are not providing zero to one consulting, but providing side-by-side consulting and delivering results.

3, Project Management
Usually in the “One to Ten” phase, the company is trying to re-organize the structure and there are not enough, appropriate staff to drive big project. We can help you solve this issue by providing project management skills with lower cost and grate output.